Hulk the Destroyer!

HEY! Children of Thulsa Doom. We here at the studio got asked to do up a Hulk piece for the badges at an upcoming Toronto comic con. Being the tremendous metal head I am I chose Barbarian Hulk! with visions of Frezetta in my eyes and Dragon Force, The Sword and Wolfmother in my ears I came up with this Hulk the Destroyer. I'm showing it to you in stages here. First was the ink drawing folowed by the digital painting. The next was the dot pattern applied. It's a quick filter in the pixelate feature. It takes some jigging and a bit of personal preference but here you have it. the cropped detail is probably what will appear on the badge. Hulk has never prayed to Crom before, he has no toungue for it!


Scott Hume said...

BADASS!!!!, looking good man, you mean looking hulk.

Nick Jervis said...

Good to see such that a badass artist is also a fan of Conan, by Crom!

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