Some new things!

Hello I haven't put anything new up in awhile, so here's a few sketches for ya!


Jason and I have a date at WildStorm D.C.

Hey these were two sample pieces i did for Wild Storm D.C. a little while ago and OOOHHH yeah I got a gig doing my first book With Wild Storm D.C. When i found out it was like a birthday or something. This is something I had been working for for years, all those super late nights drawing my rear off after a full time job. I'm in on the book right now and it should be in previews in a couple of months! Yahoo and what an awesome way to go for a super horror nut like me. I won't ruin anything but Jason is in a huge amount of the book and he's the most fun to draw ever!!!!! Keep an eye out fot it!


Coffin Cover tease

Here ia few previews for the man called coffin that I'm working on with B.Clay Moore. We have the first page, the final colors on the 2 page splash and a concept design for the cover. Hope you dig!

Tracey Fragments

this was the concept design for a comic I'm doing for Director Bruce McDonalds new film The Tracey Fragments staring Ellen Page who played Kitty Pride in X-men. This film is wonderfully experimental and the comic will adapt film elements mixed with sements of the novel by Maureen Medved. The comic will be handed out while going into the film. Hope you guys like. It will be my most experimental work yet. you can view the trailer on youtube just type in the tracey fragments and it will pop up!!!



O.K. the movie was weak but let me tell you every time the ghost rider was on screen I freaked out. Here is a little fun one I did after the film. Being a low rider myself Ghost rider always been my favorite Marvel character.


A couple of heros

Hey yall! these were Canete inspired 90 minute drawings. Of course the color had nothing to do with the time limit but I wanted to see how they'd look.