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My Team and I from Studio Lounak put this together with the Gang at UBI Soft. My first time animating, I did all the character work and it was a blast. I hope to get into more of this style Animation.

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Press For Kill Shakespeare!
– The New York Times
Kill Shakespeare is a tale woven with the wit,
magic and myth, worthy of Will himself.”
– Des McAnuff (Stratford Festival, Jersey Boys)
“A fantastic concept, cleverly executed with style and smarts.
Lots of cool Easter Eggs for the literary-minded, but still plenty
entertaining for the rest of us dummies!”
– John Layman (Writer of Chew and former literature major)
– Fangoria
“Stories within stories about stories... it's easy to get that recipe wrong, but
McCreery and Del Col get it gloriously right.
And it was about time someone went after Bill.”
– Mike Carey (Creator of The Unwritten and Lucifer)
– NPR, May 20, 2010
Kill Shakespeare is great fun.
Fantastic graphics, energy and artwork
and a novel and exciting take on killer Shakespearean themes.”
– Michael Hirst (Writer and Creator of The Tudors, Writer of Elizabeth)
– CBC News, September 14, 2010
Kill Shakespeare is full of dark laughs, shocking alliances, bad puns and wild violence.
Like the best of Shakespeare himself...”
– Patton Oswalt (Comedian, Writer of Serenity, Star of Ratatouille and King of Queens)
– Wired, April 2, 2010
“I am shaking my head. I want to cry. I want to bitch slap whoever was involved with creating it. However, this kind of crap is nothing new. There is nothing I can do about it except hope that somewhere, someday, it inspires ONE person to go and discover how awesome the work of William Shakespeare is and how even more awesome the history behind this iconic figure is. But the comic book is seriously so poorly done, so flawed on even the most elementary levels of story-telling, I cannot imagine it doing anything but alienating even more people.”
– Kimberly Cox, Shakespearean scholar
– Publisher's Weekly, August 17, 2010
“Having suffered a few slings and arrows in my time,
I was captivated by Hamlet's mystical quest.
Brilliant conceit and beautifully illustrated,
especially Lady Macbeth.”
– Paul Gross (Star of TV's Slings & Arrows)
– Ain't It Cool News
– Panels on Pages

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